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In prep / submitted:

  • K Park, et al. (2024). “Evaluation of a 3D Unstructured Grid Model under Different Forcing Sources” 


  • K Park, et al. (2024). “Delayed coastal inundations caused by ocean dynamics post-Hurricane Matthew”, npj Climate and Atmospheric Science, Vol.7(1), p.5. [link

  • Y Son, E Lorenzo, K Park, et al (2023). “Data assimilation of hyper-local water level sensors for real-time monitoring of coastal inundation”, Coastal Engineering, Vol.186, pp. 104398. [link

  • K Park, I Federico, E Di Lorenzo, T Ezer, KM Cobb, N Pinardi, G Coppini (2022). “The contribution of hurricane remote ocean forcing to storm surge along the Southeastern U.S. coast.”, Coastal Engineering, Vol.173, pp.104098. [link]

  • K Park, M Kim, H Yoon (2019). "Effects of the Size and Friction Coefficient of Particles on a Liquid-Gas-Particle Mixture Flow in Dam Break." AIP Advances, Vol.9, No.1, pp. 015208. [link]

  • K Park, H Yoon, M Kim (2018). “CFD-DEM based Numerical Simulation of Liquid-Gas-Particle Mixture Flow in Dam Break.” Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation, Vol.59, pp.105-121. [link]

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